Applying for a Grant

...for yourself, your family or a friend:

Eligibility for a grant is limited to those who are connected with or live in the neighbourhood of a house or pastoral centre under the direction of the English Province of the Order of Preachers. Applications are therefore normally made by a Dominican Friar for the benefit of someone connected with the Order or living in the neighbourhood of a house of the Order.

If you think the Hoper Dixon Trust might be able to help you, your first port of call should be a Dominican house. The contact details for the Dominican houses are on the web site of the English Province of the Order of Preachers (Dominican Friars).

...for someone else:

If you are an employee or volunteer of an organisation that works to relieve poverty and think that either your organisation or one of your clients might be eligible for a grant from the Hoper Dixon Trust, you are welcome to write to us or e-mail us (at the address on the left-hand side) to enquire about possible eligibility.

All applications will be assessed by the prior or parish priest of the local Dominican priory or parish before being considered by the Trustees.